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GOOD BIRDS 2018 - Digiscope w/Panasonic Lumix FX30 + Leica Televid 77 or 62mm Scope or PhoneSkope w/Galaxy S5,
- other photos Nikon D90 120-400mm.

July Full Moon, Buck Moon, 07/24.2021.
Common Whitetail Dragonfly, my back deck, Sea Grove Ave., 06/23/2021.
June Full Moon, Strawberry Moon, 006/24/2021.
Heermann's Gull, 1st of State New Jersey, I scoped this bird but got NO photos. This photo taken by Mark Garland later.

May 2021 Full Moon, Super Flower Blood Moon, My Yard Sea Grove Ave., Cape May, NJ. 05/25/2021.
Eastern Phoebe, my yard, Sea Grove Ave., Cape May, NJ. 03/25/2021
AmericanRobin, my Yard, Sea Grove Ave., Caper May, NJ. 03/13/2021
Greater White-fronted Goose, Shun Pike Pond, West Cape May, NJ. 02/17/2021

Wolf Moon, 01/28/21, my yard Sea Grove Ave., Cape May, NJ. 01/28/2021