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GOOD BIRDS 2006 (Digiscope-CoolPix4500 + Leica Televid 77mm - other photos Panasonic Lumix FZ30)

King and Common Eiders, Cold Spring Inlet, north side, north jetty, Cape May, NJ. 12/19/2006
Ross's Goose, Rio Grand, NJ. 12/13/2006
Eared Grebe, Lakes Bay, Pleasantville, Atlantic County, NJ. 12/07/2006
Dark Swainson's Hawk, GSP N. exit ramp, Avalon, NJ. 11/14/2006
Fly-over birds at Hawkwatch (White Pelicans, Golden Eagles, Bald Eagle, Tundra Swans), Cape May, NJ. Oct Nov. 2006
Fall Warblers (Cape May, Nashville, Blackpoll, Bay-breasted, N. Parula, Palm), Cape May Point,NJ. 10/04/2006
Fall Sparrows (Lincoln's, Clay-colored, Savannah, White-crowned, Grasshopper, Vesper, Nelson's Sharptailed), Cape May State Park, Cape May Point, NJ. 10/08/2006
Pomarine Jaeger, Cape May State Park Beach, Cape May Point, NJ. 09/19/2006
Hudsonian Godwit(s), South Cape May Meadow, Cape May, NJ. 08/28/2006
Yellow-headed Blackbird, back yard Sea Grove Ave. Cape May Point, NJ. 08/25/2006
American Avocet, South Cape May Meadow, Cape May, NJ. 08/24/2006
Sora, South Cape May Meadow, Cape May, NJ. 08/20/2006
Virginia Rail, South Cape May Meadow, Cape May, NJ. 08/18/2006
Baird's Sandpiper, adult, Plover Ponds, Cape May State Park, NJ. 07/29-30/2006
Curlew Sandpiper, Ocean Drive between Cape May & Wildwood, NJ. 07/28/2006
Sandwich Tern, beach at St. Peter's Jetty, Cape May Point, NJ. 06/19/2006
Gull-billed Tern and Roseate Tern, Cape May, NJ. 06/02-04-07/2006
Mississippi Kite, 6th Ave. West Cape May, NJ. 05/20/2006
Gray Kingbird, Sunset Blvd., Cape May, NJ. 05/21/2006
Frigatebird (Magnificent), over St. Peter's Jetty, Cape May Point, NJ. 05/18/2006
White-rumped Sandpiper, Plover Ponds, Cape May State Park, NJ. 05/17/2006
Black Tern, Bunker Pond, Cape May Point State Park, NJ. 05/14/2006
Northern Bobwhite, Cape May Point, NJ. 05/09/2006
Eurasian Collared Dove, White Winged Dove, Cape May County, NJ. 05/8,10/2006
Wilson's Plover, beach S. of Miami Ave., Villas, NJ. 04/19/2006
White-faced Ibis, Tuckahoe Impoundments, Cape May County, NJ. 04/17/2006
Lark Sparrow, Salem County, NJ. 03/28/2006
Inshore Pelagic, Cape May, NJ. 03/11/2006-Razorbill, Gannet, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Great Cormorant, Harbor Seal.
It's Back!! "The LAGU Award" Laughing Gull, Ferry Terminal, N. Cape May, NJ. 03/07/2006
Vesper Sparrow, "The Beanery", W. Cape May, NJ. 03/01/2006
Lapland Longspurs, Cumberland County, NJ. 02/22/2006
Brewer's Blackbirds, Supawna area, Salem County, NJ. 02/08/2006
Cackling Goose, Mannington Marsh , Salem County, NJ. 02/08/2006
Barrow's Goldeneye w/ Commom Goldeneyes, Sandy Hook, NJ. 02/02/2006
Great Cormorants, Sandy Hook, NJ. 02/02/06
Ipswich Sparrow, Stone Harbor Point, NJ. 02/01/2006
Snowy Owl, Cape May City beach, NJ. 1/28/2006
Red-necked Grebe, 80th Street, Stone Harbor, NJ. 01/19/2006
Trumpeter Swan, Davey's Lake, Cape May Point, NJ. 01/05/2006
Sandhill Crane, field off Batt's Lane, West Cape May, NJ. 01/05/2006