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Good Birds 2005

Sandhill Crane, corn field in West Cape May area, NJ. 12/19/2005
Snowy Owl, Stone Harbor Point, NJ. 12/16/2005
Rufous/Allen's Hummingbird, 1076 Brewer Ave., Verga, NJ. 12/12/2005
Black Guillemot, Barnegat Inlet, NJ. 12/05/2005
Black-chinned Hummingbird,
Barnegat Light, NJ. 11/26/2005
Franklin's Gull, adult, SCM Meadows, Cape May, NJ. 11/14/2005
Yellow-headed Blackbird, @ feeder area "The Nature Center of Cape May", Cape May, NJ. 11/12/2005
Vesper Sparrow, "The Beanery", West Cape May, NJ. 11/05/2005
Grasshopper Sparrow, Hawk Watch Platform, Cape May State Park, NJ. 10/19/2005
Dickcissel, Hawk Watch, Cape May State Park, NJ. 10/10/2005
Am. Golden Plover, Cape May Point Beach, NJ. 09/24/2005
Hudsonian Godwit, South Cape May Meadows, NJ. 09/19/2005
Little Gull, with Laughing Gulls, Common & Forster's Terns. Cape May Point beach, NJ. 09/17/2
ESCAPEE?? - Zebra Finch, Hawk Watch Cape may State Park, NJ. 09/12/2005
Baird's Sandpiper, Dune Ponds, Cape May point State Park, NJ. 09/06/2005
Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Dune Ponds, Cape May Point State Park, NJ. 08/25-2005

Brown-Headed Nuthatch, FIRST OF STATE, Lincoln & Cape Aves., Cape May Point, NJ. 07/24/2005
Black-necked Stilt, Brigantine NWR, NJ. 06/01/2005
Reeve (Female Ruff), Reeds Beach, Cape May County, NJ. 05/19/2005
Curlew Sandpiper, Nummy Island, Stone Harbor, NJ. 05/16/2005
Loggerhead Shrike, Big Brook Park, Marlboro, NJ. 03/29/2005
Western Tanager, adult male, residence Absecon, NJ. 02/17/2005
Razorbills, Townsend's Inlet, NJ. -1/21/2005
Painted Bunting, Residence, Cape May County, Erma, NJ. 01/04/2005