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Eurasian Kestrel Chase

Saturday May 5, 2002 - A chase to Chatham, Cape Cod, MA started on a Saturday morning. I left Cape May at 5:30 am met Bert Filemyr at his house at 7:30 am. Got in Bert's van and picked up Bill Murphy. Arrived at Chatham, MA at 2:45 pm. On the way we had a call from Paul Lehman that he and Jimmy Dowdell had seen "the bird" at 1:00 pm. With this bit of encouraging news, we continued and as we drove out the causway where "the bird" was reported, we all said "there it is". We stopped got good looks and repositioned ourselves for some more observation and photography. It was a clear, cool, and breezy day (SW 12-15). Stayed until 4:00 pm and then headed home. Arrived at Bert's house at Midnight, and at Cape May 1:55 am. A successful chase, unlike the one earlier in the week, when Bert and Bill tried unsuccessfully for "the bird" in bad weather. The latter was fortunate for me since it gave me a chance to go on the chase.

EurKestrel1502 EurKestrel2502 EurKestrel6502 EurKestrel7502 EurKestrel8502
EurKestrel1502.jpg EurKestrel2502.jpg EurKestrel6502.jpg EurKestrel7502.jpg EurKestrel8502.jpg